Our Story

The Next Level Learning was born in 2018 after rethinking what people in the IT industry wanted from a training provider.

I've spent over 25 years in IT and now almost half of that in training and, coming back to build The Next Level Learning, between me and my team we have spoken to literally hundreds of people to decide what to offer and how to offer it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we came up with these key points:

  1. People want to consume skills and knowledge on their terms. Whether it be on a subscription basis through e-learning, virtual training, on-site classes or classroom based courses, you have to offer people everything.
  2. Technology just doesn't stand still. We are now talking about multi-cloud, web scale networking, a highly fragmented security landscape (despite the ever-increasing consolidation), and rapid, agile software delivery. You have to offer skills and knowledge in those areas.
  3. Coverage. Work has changed and business and Government want to employ skilled resources wherever those resources want to be. What good is it to a customer in Perth that the course they need is running in Sydney, and why is it that the course that an engineer in Singapore needs only running virtually in a US time zone? Local coverage is vital.

The Next Level Learning is addressing these needs and more by offering training on the industry's disruptive and relevant technologies across Asia Pacific using whichever delivery method people want.

We are assembling the industry's most experienced team in training, operations and customer service so that your learning, skills and certifications needs are supported as you need them to be.

We look forward to taking you to The Next Level.

All the best,
Rob Howard